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 by Dale “Hoss” Hansen CEO

Have you ever noticed how dry your skin feels as the weather gets colder? Well it is a fact that with the change in the weather and cooler temperatures your skin tends to dry out and in many cases fine little cracks appear on your hands, around nails and even on the heels of your feet.

You don’t need to suffer with that and a great way to end that suffering is to use a quality moisturizing lotion. You should use it  throughout the day everyday. Keep a bottle with you at work, one in the car is good, and of course at home. Many people believe that the only time to use a moisturizer is after a bath or shower and that could not be more wrong. The true fact is that for good skin health you need to use a good lotion frequently. 

Is there a difference between moisturizing lotions? You bet there is and it can be a big difference in some instances.  Some moisturizing lotions are made with cost in mind, keeping the cost very low and still leave room for profits to those who manufacture it and those who sell it.  The differences in manufacturing can equate out to a huge difference to the end user of that product based on quality and quantity of ingredients used in product formulations. 

For instance if a product is made for a large mass marketing chain, more often than not that firm pretty much sets the amount they will pay per bottle for that product, then the problem the manufacturer faces is that they have to give the buyer the best product they can that falls into the realm of that product and still cover their own costs of manufacturing and hopefully after all is said and done they have enough left to make a profit for their company. When this scenario becomes reality many times the quality of each ingredient used may suffer. For instance if a manufacturer is not bound by monetary constraints they may find themselves using the pharmaceutical grade ingredients instead of the less expensive less refined counterparts of the ingredient of the same name.  At the same time the number of results oriented ingredients will have to be cut down to make budget compared to not manufacturing on those strict guidelines. The finished product can carry a similar name and the results can be drastically different when used by the end user.  Remember not all products are equal.

Think about the differences that you find between hair products that you use or could use. Those that you can purchase for a few dollars compared to those that your hair stylist might recommend and sell to you. At the same time think about the differences in makeup that you can purchase in a discount store or that you might find at one of the fine high end cosmetic counters in the malls, there is a big difference in these products, how they work and how they feel and most of all the end results. Why? Because quality products are created with more results oriented and higher quality ingredients and at a higher cost. In most cases it is safe to say that you get what you pay for.

Now one other thing that I have mention is that I know it can be difficult to get guys to try moisturizers. Now ladies you know how rough some guys hands get from the work they do and the weather and from the macho belief that moisturizers are sissy. Sorry guys but this time you are wrong and I can assure you first of all not all moisturizers smell like womens cologne, there are a number of them that don’t. Also I would bet with you that as much as your lady loves you she would probably really like a less scratchy, rough, abrasive feeling caress. The other thing having dry cracked hands is really not macho it is enduring something that you do not need to endure. I can assure you that we have men and women alike throughout this country and parts of the World who have tried our moisturizers and now use them everyday. It really is something to try and you will be very glad that you did.

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