Dark Tanning LotionDuring what we call Tanning Season it is the time of the year when people come back to tanning. As you all know it is the time of the year  that has formal dances, Spring Break , and  the sun starts breaking through the clouds for the gradual approach of Spring time weather. More sunshine and less clouds, winter coats start to disappear and spring fashions start to appear leaving more skin visible and with that the personal need and desire for a tanner body and less bright white body parts. Yes the answer is tanning and for the best results from your tanning session you need quality tanning products and a moisturizer with a tan extender.

We have been manufacturing and distributing high quality Tanning Lotions and moisturizers  for many years, we know and understand what it takes to help people of different skin types develop the tan they desire. It is ultra important that as you develop your tan you use products designed to help at the level that you are at in the tanning process. By working your way through the progression of levels of products your tan will look great and you are much less likely to burn when out in the sun.

I would like to give you a couple of great suggestions if you are just getting back to tanning after more than a month away from it. First is one of our most popular lotions and a beginning acceleration enhancing lotion:

DARK:  Beginning Tanners will find HOSS SAUCE DARK the ideal product to help them develop a rich base tan. Dark is an accelerator lotion very rich in moisturizers and scientifically created for the beginning tanner. Remember Dark is a great place to start for any one.

SUPER DARK:  Is an advanced accelerating lotion, formulated to take any tanner past the first tanning plateau. Super Dark is formulated to accelerate the tanning process while helping replenish the skin’s lost moisture. It’s texture is silky and smooth, has a pleasant fragrance and will help you develop the richer, darker tan you are seeking. 

Either of these two excellent lotions would get you started on you way to a great tan for the season, not to mention your results should appear fairly fast. For after tanning you should consider one of our most popular moisturizers for Tanners, because of its tan extending abilities

EXOTIC MOISTURIZER for Tanners:  Skin Firming and Anti-Aging formula with additional Tan Extending capabilities, makes this World Class Moisturizer even more valuable. The need for a good moisturizer is well known by most people but as  a Tanner you are already concerned about developing and keeping a rich tan and you know that the best way to keep a great looking tan and keep your skin looking its best is to keep it well moisturized. Tanning like so many other things tends to dry your skin through lost moisture and this Exotic for Tanners is the way to put it back. Remember soft moisturized skin tans much faster and better than hard dry skin.

 Exotic Moisturizer for Tanners offers Tyrosine, Riboflavin and Copper in addition to a special blend of Vitamins to help you extend the life of your tan. Exotic for Tanners is available in a 18oz bottle with a pump and a 128oz Professional size.

Ok I am sure this information will get you started on the best and quickest path to a great tan. Don’t forget that our web site is a catalog for the great products that we manufacture and that tanners throughout the World have been using for years.

Thank you and Happy Tanning

 Dale “Hoss” Hansen


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