Super Dark Tanning LotionIf you are working on developing a tan I am sure you have discovered how important a very good tanning lotion can be. If you are tanning indoors you need a quality tanning lotion that was created for use  indoors. There is a very big difference between an indoor tanning lotion and a sunscreen product that you would use at the beach.

With indoor tanning you most generally are limited to how long you should tan, so in order to get the best possible results from your tanning session it would make good sense to use a lotion that was formulated to help you with your tanning process.

The best lotions contain ingredients that accelerate and enhance the tanning process while other ingredients help magnify the light rays to help you develop your tan faster. An excellent tanning lotion is our Super Dark Tanning Lotion it was formulated for the beginning or returning tanner, created to give your tanning process a great boost.

There  are tanning products that have  bronzers in them that give you a tanner look immediately while you are waiting for your tan to develop. There are other tanning lotions that contain a tingle factor that when used tend to make your skin look red and flushed by increasing the blood flow under the skins surface. Increasing the flow of blood to the skins surface helps activate the melanin which is found three layers down in the skin. When the melanin gets to the skins surface your tanning process gets going. Normally getting the melanin to the skins surface is a bit of a gradual process but the tingle factor does seem to speed up that process.  If you have noticed on tanning beds there is a little chart that tells skin types and the number of minutes and frequency recommended for the first seven days of tanning. That recommend chart is because that is the approximate time it takes to get your tan started.

Hoss Sauce Gel

Once your tan begins to start showing a nice tan color you may want to move from a beginning level tanning lotion to something a little more advanced.  Everyone tends to reach plateaus in tanning results,  the plateau is a spot where you don’t seem to get any darker no matter what you do. Well when your skin (the bodies largest organ) decided that it has enough color to protect you from sunburn  it has a way of stopping your tanning advancement.  That is what we call a tanning plateau, it is in fact a point where your skin has decided that it has reached its limit and it can adequately protect you against sunburn.

Those plateaus can be surpassed by switching to a more advanced tanning lotions, one that offers you more of the ingredients that have helped you develop that color you currently enjoy and a formula that is created to do more to help your skin with needed vitamins, minerals and re-hydration   Remember that moist healthy skin will tan faster than hard dry skin.

Developing a tan slowly and using the very best lotions both for developing a tan and  for moisturizing following tanning are very important. I would hate to guess the number of individuals who actually go on vacation to a sunny climate and end up up with a sunburn that is actually very uncomfortable for most if not all of their vacation. Now remember the way help that to not happen is to develop a tan before you leave, and by using an spf for prolonged time in the sun.



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