Wasilla Tan Rogue Maximizer Tanning Lotion

Most tanners are on the lookout for the very best tanning lotion they can buy. One of our most recent releases from Skincare by Hoss is Wasilla Tan a rogue maximizer.

Wasilla Tan is not a bronzer or a tingle lotion. It is a very powerful Tanning Lotion, rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants to fight off free radical damage while helping you develop the level of Tan you have been looking for. Wasilla Tan is rich in Monoil Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil and others blended into a Shea Butter and Silicone blend and added to a rich Aloe Vera base.

Want a great tan and a lotion that is results oriented? You need Wasilla Tan and its age-defying formula that is loaded with a combination of World Class Moisturizing ingredients and at the same time the best tan maximizing ingredients.

Are you looking for an excellent Tan? Do you care about taking care of your skin? You need Wasilla Tan it is wonderful.

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