by Marshal Hoss

Not all tanning products are created the same, each manufacturer has their own formulas. Next comes the question of what quality of ingredient will be in that formula, and that is a big question when developing a formula prior to actually manufacturing said product. You see the level of ingredient used will definately reflect the bottom line and the actual cost to the end user. At the same time different levels of ingredients can make a noticeable change in the performance of the end product.

Other things that determine cost of products in manufacturing are bottles/tubes, caps and labels. A lot of cost can be incurred in each of these items. For instance a fancy bottle cap is going to cost significantly more than a a rather plain cap. A bottle with a shape that is different by design will add more cost and then comes the label design. Is it the shrink wrap label or a wrap around label or a 2 part label (front and back) as they all have a different set of costs. Ultimately you the consumer will pay for those expenses.

Now keeping that in mind you can better understand how costs of manufacturing can go up and why some products cost a lot more than others that you might feel are similar. Just remember when you purchase the fanciest bottle on the display to consider the question, are you getting the best product or are you getting the best package? Good question. Some manufacturers put more money into the qualtiy of a product than the package design and with them you are getting what you are paying for while others invest heavily in giving you the fancy package designed to grab your attention and the sale is made based mainly on looks.

I think what I am trying to point out is that you don’t always get what you think you are getting even if you are spending high dollars on a lotion. If you find a lotion that works for you and you are liking the results, stick with it or others in that same line. Don’t be quick to change because xyz is the sharpest looking one on the shelf.

Results count, after all that is what you are buying, right?


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