by Marshal Hoss

BREAKING BLACK is a huge success and very popular, as a matter of fact its popularity has grown steadily among the tanners who know and understand the differences in tanning lotions and appreciate true quality.


When HOSS SAUCE  released Breaking Black, tanners around the World began to use it with spectacular results. Breaking Black is an advanced lotion with excellent bronzers and a formulation that made it a great skincare product as an extreme tanning lotion. Its popularity grew quickly and it developed a huge following.


After seeing the success and extremely large following that Breaking Black has, the research and development department at HOSS SAUCE went back to work to try to create an even more dynamic tanning and skincare formula that could take Breaking Black to a new very extreme level. They have done just that. They realized right away how hard their creating something even better than Breaking Black was going to be. The fact that Breaking Black was much more than a tanning lotion it was also a formula that was excellent for the skin, rivaling the finest cosmetics. All this made the job even more difficult, but with all this in mind taking Breaking Black to yet another level still seemed nearly impossible. After much work, study and testing they did what they had thought might be impossible, they created a materpiece of a lotion, with a very special black bronzing complex and World Class skin care.


Now a new lotion is born and ready to deliver even more spectacular results than any other. This new lotion is called Breaking Black Crystal Black. It is a results driven silky smooth tanning lotion with a nourishing blend of skin enriching oils including coconut, hemp seed, Tea Tree and Monoi oil blended with masterful levels of shea butter and vitamin rich botanicals. Are you ready to take your tan to yet another level? Crystal Black is the answer.


For more information or to order www.hosssauce.com or call HOSS SAUCE at 1-800-275-2855.




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