Hoss Sauce Tanning GelOne of the most popular products in the line of HOSS SAUCE Products is the one we call GEL. Our Gel is very popular for the fact it is not an oil but instead it is an water based product. Not a lotion or an oil but a gel.

Many people like the gel for tanning because is quickly absorbed into the skin,  it also magnifies the UV Rays so the tanning process is enhanced. Now there are those who will actually put a gel over a lotion as they believe that they can get more enhancement from the UV Rays with both. Of course we know that the Lotion has ingredients to help the tanning process so the results are very good anyway. The gel used by it self is very good because of how the light works with it to magnify rays. Putting them together is an interesting thought and may actually help some but keeping in mind that both a lotion and a gel have their own way of enhancing the tanning process so how important is it to use both at the same time?

I can tell you that our Gel is actually preferred over a lotion by most male tanners.


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